SWHerts U3A Weather Station Site

The station is located in Abbots Langley, Hertfordshire, UK.

This site was designed by the members of the SWHerts U3A Raspberry Pi study group.

The weather station, shown in the picture below, was purchased from Maplins. Note that the cost of the weather station varies between 50.00 and 100.00 with time.
The station has five sensors - an anemometer, a wind direction sensor, a tipping bucket rain guage, an air temperature sensor and a humidity sensor.
Included in the station is a battery powered wireless transmitter which sends the weather data to the display unit.
The display unit, which is also battery powered, is connected to a Raspberry Pi micro computer via the display's USB port.
The Pi has the Raspian Wheezy operating system and a Python program called pywws. For more details click on the Raspberry Pi menu item.